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Cast bronze plaques are made by melting and then pouring liquid bronze into a sand cast mold. Cast bronze signs are impressive and give the impression of permanence and something ever lasting. They are very durable and perfect for architectural signs and plaques. 

Cast bronze plaques by Arro Signs are used to identify, dedicate, commemorate or recognize people, places, deeds or events. Bronze plaques are used for awards, commendations, military and patriotic recognition, building name signs or business name signs as well as prestigious house name signs for classic and executive properties.

Bronze has a distinctive image. There is something about bronze that is indicative of permanence, something solid, something forever lasting. Whether the design is just a rough idea or a finished design it is possible to bring it to reality. Pretty much any type of design can be made. From a simple plaque with wording to a business logo design or an illustration, most designs are achievable.

Bronze plaques are cast from approximately 88% copper, 10% tin, and 2% lead. This makes for the highest quality bronze plaques possible. Bronze plaques can be painted any color or made in any shape you want.

Arro Signs will give you a free no obligation quote before you buy. Special artwork can be, at times, included in the price. Real bronze is created by melting down pure copper, tin, and lead in an 88/10/2 ratio. Bronze is virtually forever.

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